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SG Crop Solutions distributes unique natural products for use in agriculture vegetables, fruits, nuts, turf, and grain crops.


What is a Biostimulant?

The European Biostimulants Industry Council defines biostimulants as: “Plant biostimulants contain substance(s) and/or micro-organisms whose function when applied to plants or the rhizosphere is to stimulate natural processes to enhance/benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient efficiency, and crop quality.” 

Biostimulants are not nutrients, pesticides, or soil improvers. However, because they work by a different mechanism, they can be used alongside any of those products. 


How do they differ from Fertilizers?

Biostimulants work by increasing nutrient absorption. Fertilizers, on the other hand, directly supply nutrients for the plants. Biostimulants are able to work in conjunction with fertilizers. 


How do they differ from Pesticides?

Unlike pesticides, which work directly to prevent pests and diseases, biostimulants work by increasing plant vigor. This is a more natural approach. In short biostimulants boosts the plants own natural defenses and growth mechanisms as opposed to most other agricultural solutions on the market, which typically treat each problem separately. Biostimulants offer a holistic solution to many agricultural needs.

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SG is led by an experienced team that understands the unique needs of growers in the rapidly changing agriculture market. It's our vision to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability by delivering innovative agricultural technologies to farmers. 

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