Dennis Jizmejian Testimonial - DDT Farms - Tomatoes

“After years of chasing a way to keep Nitrogen, Phosphate, and Potassium levels up in my tomato fields, finally EcoSil is the answer.  Soil and tissue samples in the blocks treated with EcoSil compared to the blocks untreated showed significant higher levels of nitrogen, which resulting in less use of fertilizers.  In past years, the untreated fields required 200 lbs. of nitrogen fertilizers. The areas where EcoSil was applied only required 160 lbs. this year.  The yield increase was around 8-10%, the quality of tomatoes improved, and plant health and vigor were easily visible.  These facts have made the decision to use EcoSil on a much larger scale an easy one. I will add EcoSil to the current program for seasons to come.” - Dennis Jizmejian

SG Produce - Cherries

A farmer using SG's program with ComCat, a plant strengthening agent which activates the natural defense systems of plants. The trees that have been treated with ComCat have a much higher yield due to an aggressive increase in root growth, flower bud formation, photosynthesis and respiration rates. 

SG Produce - Blueberries

Blueberry farmer using SG's program is very impressed by results. These bushes are only two years old. The farmer had not expected his plants to bear fruit this year because typically three years of growth is needed. Using SG’s program, the plants are strong, vigorous and well formed, producing fruit with an average weight of 8 grams per blueberry. The shelf-life of these blueberries have also been extended to 10 days - double the average! 

A SG Successful Vegetables Grower

Our SG Crop Solutions team visited a vegetable grower who has been applying our entire program for quite some time. They never look back.

Joe: Peach Farmer

Joe and his brother Leo have been growing peaches for many years. However, they always make room for more efficiency, innovations, and quality. With hundreds of top quality peaches at stake every year, they have carefully considered their options before choosing Shemin Garden's ecological products to boost their peaches' quality and yield.

After months of diligent management, they couldn't be more happy about their peaches regardless of the pesky weather this Spring.

Michael: Local Fresno Farmer

Michael and his wife have been farming for over a decade on their land near Jensen avenue in Fresno. This year, the weather has been tough on their farm. The unstable weather and the pests were setting them back. After knowing about our products from their relatives, they agreed to try some of our products. After 2 weeks of trying our products, they attempted to contact us. Unfortunately, we missed their calls while working in the field. The week after, we came to check in on them just to realize how much they love our products and willing to use it on most of their vegetables. 

Local Vegetables Farmer

"My opo looks much greener, healthier. The fruit looks bigger, and shinier" 

- Local Hmong farmer 5/18/17 


Quality Produce. Easy Farming. Happy Life

Mr. and Mrs. Vang are ready for the new season!


"EcoSil Transformed My Strawberries"

Mr. Siong is one of our leader who has been applying our products on his strawberries to improve its quality and quantity. We love working with Mr. Siong to continuously improve our products and services.


"Stop asking for seeds"

At the World Ag Expo, many customers kept asking for the seed of this pumpkin. Mr. Siong used EcoSil on his typical pumpkin seed and this is the result!

Past Events

World Ag Expo


Our booth: Pavilion E 5007 

SG Farming Workshop


Help Farmers Grow Better!

When: 2:15pm -4:45pm on February 13th, 2017  

Where: Fresno Holistic Center @ 4879 E Kings Canyon Road, Fresno, CA.

 Dr. Thomas Huester from AgraForum of Germany and Dr. Philippe Douillet from University of Miami will introduce research-based organic biostimulants, EcoSil, EcoFlora, EcoFungi, CibuCat, and newly developed silicon fertilizer, CibuSil, and how they can be applied to crops and plants to increase yield and quality, plant protection against diseases, insect attack, frost, drought, and soil salinity. They can also be used as fertilizer additives and amendments to increase efficiency. Dr. Huester and Dr. Philippe will discuss how we work together to create a sustainable future. Refreshments will be served.